Traditional Kung Fu Style vs Modern Combat Kung Fu (Sanda) Match

Here’s a really cool video where a traditional kung fu martial artist challenges a Sanda (aka Sanshou) fighter. Besides the weird flaring out of the elbows by the traditional kung fu martial artist, he seems like he might have potential if he actually sparred in his training. In any case, hope you enjoy this case study in traditional style of kung fu vs modern kung fu. Also, I don’t think the fighter is muay thai like the title says. Let me know if you disagree. The way he throws kicks (especially those spin kicks) just seems more like Sanda. Looking forward to your comments!

The full video here:

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Tai Chi In Rhodes

Filmed in Atavyros: Rhodes.

This is clip of the Tai Chi Club Partner Form (Taiji Sanshou Duida) filmed on the beach at Atavyros: Rodz. It’s not intended as a teaching clip, just a flavour of Taijiquan.

It’s also known as the 2 Person Fighting Set. Our version follows the pictures and text of the Chen Yanlin / Brennan Translations. Each movement is choreographed so that both sides perform the full 88 movements each (176 in total) in an unbroken connected sequence.They could then continue indefinitely, having arrived back to where they began.

It was filmed in one take on a static fixed focus Nikon, then edited in the UK.

Music: White Lotus Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Tags: Taiji Partner Form, 太极伙伴表, Rhodes, 罗兹, 马耳他, 2 person Fighting Set, 2人战斗集合,


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