Baguazhang- Shifu HanYanWu

Master Han Yan Wu is an internationally renowned expert in traditional Ba Gua Zhang (Cheng TingHua style), Xing Yi Quan and Liu He Tang Lang/six harmonies praying mantis kung fu.Master Han has spent his whole life dedicated to learning and teaching traditional Chinese neijia kungfu. He currently resides and teaches in Beijing in TaoRangTing Park / 陶然亭公园 ( near Hepingmen subway station). He has won many Championships in China both in traditional Ba Gua and in Liu He Praying Mantis. He is the Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Ba Gua Research Committee is currently Ranked Grade 6 in Chinese Wushu / Martial Arts. He is also Dean and head coach of the Beijing Traditional Wushu and Bagua Training Department.
email: (english & chinese)
韩燕武 陶然亭公园进东门 每日 下午 15.00 – 19.00
联系电话: (0086) 15910992803 (BEIJING)


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