Pentecostal: Extra Tai Chi lesson 20-05-2018 五旬節:額外的太極課

Tai Chi lesson 20-May-2018
Nederlandse Wushu Academie Xia Quan 荷蘭俠拳武術學院
– Since 1991 –
Sifu Kong has more than 50 years experience in Chinese Martial art, and give the lesson from 1979(China)~ now(Netherlands).
Dutch Wushu Academy Xia Quan/Hop Gar:
Tai Chi, Qi Gong,
Office exercise,
Kung Fu/Wushu,
Kung Fu, Lion Dancing Show.

Sifu Kong:
First full-contact competition China V.S outside:Champion 1982.
Short weapon champion Canton China 1983.
Nan Quan champion Canton China 1983.

功夫/武術, 散打/全接觸自由搏擊, 泰拳, 太極, 氣功, 辦公室課程, 武術太極醒獅表演.

孔藩偉師父(師承武學大師鄧錦濤 ‘1902~1987’):
1982中共建國首屆對外自由摶擊擂台大賽: 優勝獎


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Tai Chi In Rhodes

Filmed in Atavyros: Rhodes.

This is clip of the Tai Chi Club Partner Form (Taiji Sanshou Duida) filmed on the beach at Atavyros: Rodz. It’s not intended as a teaching clip, just a flavour of Taijiquan.

It’s also known as the 2 Person Fighting Set. Our version follows the pictures and text of the Chen Yanlin / Brennan Translations. Each movement is choreographed so that both sides perform the full 88 movements each (176 in total) in an unbroken connected sequence.They could then continue indefinitely, having arrived back to where they began.

It was filmed in one take on a static fixed focus Nikon, then edited in the UK.

Music: White Lotus Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Tags: Taiji Partner Form, 太极伙伴表, Rhodes, 罗兹, 马耳他, 2 person Fighting Set, 2人战斗集合,


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